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60+Fabulous Elongated Living Room Design Ideas

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The long and narrow room decoration is really a difficult challenge, we certainly don‘t want the long living room to feel as if an alley or bowling alley. And in fact additionally it is difficult to make an intimate meeting room in square or round shape as you‘d normally want in a traditional living room. Additionally it may be difficult to produce a comfortable seating area and never be disturbed from the traffic of individuals passing by. But usually there are some tricks inside the decoration from the elongated living room to stay it comfortable and never look too empty.

Decorating small spaces is a thing lots of us need to do, but long narrow living rooms? That‘s a whole other issue. With long along with thin rooms you generally risk made a passage impact – not the very best just in case you’re attempting in order to make an inviting and cozy space. However there will be a good deal of approaches to complete these unbalanced rooms that will help limit the impact.

Shifting the most road to at least one side of the space is the simplest way to produce a space that flows easily, without people having to steer between tables and couches or disturbing people sitting and relaxing. We’ll show you 10 elongated living room decorating ideas which may continue to keep your layout decoration plan look even easier. Check out many of the examples in the image below.

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